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Welcome to OffshoreEast

Individual Investors, Institutional Investors and even
large multinational companies trust us for their financial
insights, advice and solutions

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Investment Approach
Our investment approach is an extension
of our core mission.

To provide you with the most valuable investment
advice, we make sure we understand your goals and
match them with investment strategies that are most
likely to succeed.

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Your portfolio,
your full control

Engaging us for advisory services allows you
full control over your portfolio. Obtaining
the expert advice from Offshore East enables
you to execute your investment activities with

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Securing your lifetime
retirement and estate

We help execute your financial plan for
your retirement and provide detailed
instructions on how to handle assets
that need to be distributed among
multiple family members.

About Us

When Offshore East Private Wealth Managers was founded in 2007, our clients were individuals who were looking to expand their assets as a way of financing their lifestyles and providing for the next generations of their families. This still holds true today - individuals are searching for professional fund managers that build long-term relationships via a bespoke approach to investments.

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Why choose us?

Offshore East Private Wealth Managers' team of professional, passionate and committed investment professionals is instrumental in building the company's track record and reputation of excellence.

Our pioneer investment team has collaborated in diverse projects for more than 10 years and we are proud that in an industry characterised by high turnover rate, they remain dedicated to the Offshore East way.

Our clients can assure that the same experts that developed our exclusive investment process and established our reputation for performance will keep on serving them for years to come.

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Our Solutions

Investment Management

Offshore East Private Wealth Managers take after a strict investment strategy concentrated on three key features - worldwide broadening, principal investment management and cost minimisation. Most importantly, our strict autonomy and fee-only structure guarantee that our proposals bring the best interest to our clients. We don't offer any items, serve to any organisations, nor acknowledge pay of any sort from any person other than our clients.

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Estate Planning

Our procedure starts by figuring out what is essential to our client in a way of transferring wealth to beneficiaries and/or a charitable organisation—and closures with the usage of innovative methodologies intended to accomplish our client’s objectives.

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Tax Planning

Our experience indicates that most financial advisers fail to fully understand the impact of taxation when advising their clients. We value that a client’s after tax profit from every investment should be the suitable measure of achievement each and every time.

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Risk Management

Offshore East Private Wealth Managers do not offer insurance, instead we analyse every current policy, financial documents and offer our clients impartial assessments on agreements from third parties. Although risk management is crucial, we ensure that our client’s insurance purchase is enough depending on their account conditions.

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Legacy and Philanthropy Planning

Offshore East Private Wealth Managers' team offers our clients philanthropic strategies with a legacy, which has been developed and acquired through years of practice and professional training to accomplish their needs.

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